How to set a temporary team member for success!

Do you feel like you would rather shut down a schedule because your temporary provider is not producing enough to match the investment for their fee?

Ensure that each temporary team member is set up for success by visiting each checkpoint of this list to ensure your practice is creating an environment for them to produce!

Office prep checklist:

  1. Allow a minimum of 30 min prep time
    1. This allows a temp to become familiar with your practice and help reduces the feeling of being unprepared for the day. Temporary providers need to know where supplies are located, sign on credentials for the PM system, take part in the morning huddle and most importantly prepare charts. The less time given to prep, the less prepared they are for the day.
  2. Prepare charts for them
    1. What is the patient due for that day? Is there existing treatment to follow up on? Is there a personal memo to be aware of? Who is doing the exam that day? What additional services would you like the temporary provider to prescribe? The more you can prep, the higher the production and the healthier each patient will be.
  3. Set up operatories ahead of time
    1. Finding supplies can be daunting for a new temporary team member. Ensure they are set up for success by having trays set up, instruments sharp and rooms fully stocked.
  4. Who is the “go-to” contact?
    1. Temporary providers can feel overwhelmed if a piece of equipment malfunctions, computer freezes, or they are unable to find supplies. Designate a “go-to” helper at the practice who the temporary team member can feel comfortable approaching with any questions for the day.
  5. Evaluate completion of progress notes at the end of the day
    1. Appoint a team member at the practice to ensure that procedures were walked out correctly and notes are through and comprehensive prior to the temporary team members departure at the end of the day. This will ensure that everything is appropriately documented to avoid miscommunication through treatment planning and SOAP notes. Afterall, they are using a foreign template and not used to the practice’s philosophy on what is needed in each category.
  6. Doctors set expectations at the start of the day
    1. Introduce yourself to the temporary team member at the start of the day. Feel free to provide your expectations for tray set-up, exam flow/expectations and simply get to know them. First encounters in front of your first patient are never recommended! 😊 Even though they are temporary team members, they want to perform well for you and exceed expectations. If these aren’t set, it is difficult to achieve success.

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