The Art of the Morning Huddle

A daily morning huddle is a great way to get the team together and start each day on the right foot.

Each morning, set aside 15 minutes before patients arrive. Use this time to review the schedule for the day with the entire team. If you are utilizing a temporary provider, be sure to include them in this huddle as well. This practice goes beyond just saying who is scheduled for the day. Follow these steps to hold an effective morning huddle:

  1. Start out with a positive
    • Was there a notable patient or treatment that warranted a celebration? Does a team member deserve kudos or accolades? Presenting an office victory is a great way to bond the team together and encourage a positive day to come.
  1. Review schedule from previous day
    • Were daily goals met? Are there any loose ends that need to be tied up? Communicating expectations will keep things from slipping through the cracks.
  1. Review today’s schedule
    • Are there any unconfirmed appointments that need to be confirmed? Does the schedule offer opportunities for same day treatment? Review patient accounts to catch any outstanding balances or unscheduled family members that can be resolved before the patient leaves the practice that day. Alerting team members of patients needing extra anesthetic, nitrous oxide, or patients with “special requests” such as pillows, blankets, etc. will keep appointments flowing smoothly and reduce unexpected hiccups.
  1. Miscellaneous announcements
    • Be sure to remind the team of any upcoming team building events, lunch and learns or staff meetings that are coming up. It often gets missed if it is only added to the schedule and not verbalized.

A morning huddle is a great opportunity to regularly gather as a team. It will ensure everyone can prepare for potential obstacles and successes.

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