A Decade and Counting

Founded in 2010, Crown Staffing + Recruiting has proven to be Minnesota’s top dental specific flexible staffing and professional recruiting agency.

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Professional Dental Recruiting & Placement | Temporary Dental Staffing Coverage

Crown Staffing + Recruiting is here to serve the Minnesota dental community through professional recruiting and placement as well as temporary staffing coverage. Our mission is to decrease the hiring and staffing challenges for practice owners so they can focus on what is most important, their patients, team and family.

Flexible Staffing

We are dedicated to providing educated and talented clinical providers on a temporary basis that will alleviate ownership stress, increase profitability and keep patients on their preventative maintenance cycle.

Professional Recruiting + Placement 

We are dedicated to recruiting and vetting the top performers in the area to fill the open position within your practice. We are comprehensive and intuitive to ensure that your assets are well protected in the long run.

Shannon Snell MBA, BSDH

CEO, DDS Recruiter

As a Dental Hygienist with experience practicing in over 40 practices, former Practice Manager overseeing $5M in revenue, owner of Dental Consulting Company and over a decade of recruiting experience in the Minnesota market we are fully equipped to handle your most difficult recruiting project. Lean on us for expertise in hiring, onboarding and developing best practices for team retention. Partner with us to avoid costly mistakes and re-direct your time to what matters most: your patients, your team and your family.

Jenny Tiemann BA

Director of Operations – Recruiting & Staffing Specialist

With over a decade of experience working in the dental staffing and recruiting space we know first-hand the challenges hiring and staffing can bring to a practice owner. We are here to help navigate the waters efficiently so you can have a wholesome team to best serve your patients. We have the tools to recruit and retain top talent within the local dental industry and are fully prepared to share our best practices with you!
Contact: info@crowndentalstaffing.com
Phone/Text: 651-335-6570

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