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Flexible Staffing

Whether your need is immediate, long-term, consistent or sporadic we have you covered! Send us a message with your need and our team will work around the clock to ensure your patients are taken care of.




  Administrative Support


Interim Practice Management

Our reach is comprehensive, safe and particular.

Professional Recruiting

Whether time, resources or knowledge of a sound hiring process is holding you back, we have you covered! Take advantage of our vetting process which includes: ad design, posting visibility, resume recognition, unique interview as well as background/reference checks.

Accomplish goals and safely cover
system gaps in your practice

Managed Solutions

Do you have the desire to accomplish projects but are unsure where to start and/or lack the labor power?

Do you need to iron out front desk systems to ensure that the schedule is productive and collections are healthy?

Do you have a new Doctor and need assistance with insurance credentialing?

Do you need interim management support due to a recent transition to keep your practice accounts payable on track and human resource inquiries to a minimum?

Be intentional and efficient.

Clinical Training

Be intentional and efficient with your time by streamlining and enhancing clinical skills with your provider team! Whether it’s fabricating provisional crowns, recording accurate impressions or managing time within the Dental Hygiene appointment we have a team of clinical educators to help.

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